Our procedure for Grievance Redressal Mechanism is as follows:

  • Providing information regarding complaint handling process to all interested parties through notice boards.
  • Maintain records of complaints and regular feedback is sought from students and staff. A complaint register is maintained and a complaint box is put up strategically outside the Administration department for receiving any feedback even after office hours. The telephone number of HOD, security and other concerned employees (Clerk) is displayed prominently on the suggestion box and other locations like (Main Gate)
  • Complaints from the interested parties are recorded in the complaint register.
  • All the complaints / feedbacks will be acknowledged within one week
  • The complaints are investigated by the ITI Management and resolved at the earliest possible. The maximum time for resolving a complaint is 3 weeks.
  • The respective interested party is communicated on the closure of the complain to ensure customer satisfaction.

Records of all complaints and actions taken for the above are maintained by the Principal of Institution.